A Raw Rock Christmas IV: Christmas Business

Hello fans of yuletide miracles!

This year's Christmas album, A Raw Rock Christmas IV, is going to be called Christmas Business! Awesome, right? Maybe not. I think it's hilarious. But in any case, that's what we're calling it. Now let's get down to business (heh).

Big thanks to Seth Thompson for coming through with this year's album art. I've linked his Tumblr to his name so you can see his work and get in contact. I've also left contact names/links for all the other art submitters, you can see them by checking out the forum thread here.

We need some music, and this is where you come in! There's no album without you bands and musicians to donate your time and talents to us. So please help me out. You can create and submit as many as you like, and I'm really looking forward to hearing you all this year. Get started on these asap, the deadline is going to be around November 22nd. There might be a few extra days to get something in, but because of the CD order I won't be able to budge much on that one. Here's the guidelines:

  • You do not have to be a registered user of the site to submit a song. Both members and non-members may contribute.
  • Music must be Christmas / winter / holiday related. It doesn't have to be religious in any way, but please keep content relatively family-friendly.
  • These can be covers (new or traditional), re-imaginings of other songs, or your own original piece. The content, however, must be your own.
  • Instrumental is cool too. It may seem weird to write a Christmas song without words, but several of our musicians in the last three years have done this quite well.
  • There is a chance that not every song submitted will be included. The selection process will be as fair and unbiassed as I can possibly make it.
  • Remember, I need the original uncompressed audio of your song, not an mp3. When you bounce your song, make sure to save a copy as either .wav, .aif, or .flac.
  • *If you're unsure of how to do this, please hit me up and I'll be more than happy to help you out. I can use your mp3 as a last resort, but I'm hoping to avoid this altogether this year.*
  • Please do not post your creations publicly online before the album release, it's way more fun to wait for everything to release at once before anyone hears any songs.

For the second year in a row, A Raw Rock Christmas will be available on a limited and hand numbered cd copy of the album, as well as the usual free download (with optional donation). Musicians who appear on the album will have the opportunity to purchase copies at a hefty discount if they like. This year I'm aiming to have the album done and ready to go by December 1st. I was late getting this finished up last year, my own fault, but I want to fix that so nobody is waiting. I'd also like to have the cds in everybody's hands by mid-December at the latest.

You can see the full list of requirements / deadlines / etc and join in on the community discussion at http://forum.rawrockmilitia.com/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=2760

As always, all submissions / questions / cute hellos / ect. can be emailed to me at jeremy@rawrockmilitia.com. If you're at all interested in contributing, please let me know. Feel free to forward this email to anybody who may want to be involved, and please spread the news on your social medias (and use the hashtag #christmasbusiness, it's funny).

Jeremy Waterman
Raw Rock Militia

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